Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good makeup gone bad

I just love the liquid eyeliner and I am struggling to get a decent look before getting out on the door but as always ,enough is enough and if the benefit make up can make you the laugh of the sidewalk...then you should think again and consider some beauty tips.

Cameron Diaz is just great but in this picture she shows us that to get a wrong makeup you only need to be human. And although celebs are known to have armies of stylists whose jobs are to make them look is the digital proof that it is not always like that!

Here is a beauty tip: before getting a makeup done you should know what you go for: nude or evening smokey eyes when you do the walk of shame back to your college dorm from a wild party.

It's not always bad to forget your age especially when you lose count of it...but it is very bad to lose your sense of beauty no matter your age. Another beauty tip: don't use the colors from your makeup like you use the brush in paint!

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