Sunday, August 9, 2015

What men really don't want

It's not really like that but it's kind of obvious that when it comes to bad fashion, no gender is spared! 

The first thought that crossed my mind while landing my eyes on this picture was...would someone please give that guy a sandwich?! Whose genius idea was to promote starving male models on runway aaaand bonus point dressed up to put an emphasis on legs thick as sticks?!

Of course they wouldn't stop promoting starving people because there isn't such thing as too skinny, right? Or too ridiculous, right? No! This is sad and unrealistic, please feed those beautiful human beings and stop dressing them up like they've lost a bet!

No real man would ever dress like that unless his life is at stake! I can't stop laughing! He is wearing sunglasses and tries to be cool, hoping that no buddy of his will recognize him! 

Photo credits here, here and here.

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