Saturday, August 1, 2009

Men in...pantyhose!

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Pantyhose are so sexy…when women wear them! Why would a man bare such unnecessary items of clothing especially if they look so ridiculous?! Little boys are brought up with the idea that a man has to be powerful physically and mentally and I don’t think that you can be a symbol of power when your female friends are mad because you have better-looking pantyhose than they do! How much credit (and I don’t mean strictly to money) can you get if your serious and committed facial expression is matched with a blue tie and blue sheer pantyhose?!
In conclusion I imagine that men are obviously under the pressure of the image frenzy and in order to be accepted and promoted by the society they live in, they make some compromises that don’t really pay off and instead of the desired result they get the exact opposite! I don’t point the finger towards them in a bitchy way as countless women don’t understand the trends in fashion and make huge style mistakes but in women this is quite common as they pay more interest in this field. So men it is ok to experience fashion trends as long as you don’t get confused with a circus member!


Anonymous said...

I'm a male and wear pantyhose all the time. so what?

Aaya said...

As long as you don't get confused with a circus member and don't show off in a cheesy way ,I don't think there is a problem!

Anonymous said...


all of the images are from - you forgot to mention this info.


Chan Kraemer

Aaya said...

Hi Chan,

My apologies I'll insert the link to your site.

Rate Watcher said...

I wouldn't wear pantyhose, but I like the idea, especially since winters can get pretty cold where I live.

Aaya said...

Have you ever tried on a pair of pantyhose? I did and I don't like the feeling they give me when they touch my skin but maybe I am too sensitive!
Wearing them underneath your clothes wouldn't hurt the eye of the beholder because after all I am talking about aesthetics.

Anonymous said...