Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm telling you loosen up my buttons baby (Uh huh)/ But you keep...hurting my retina!

I wonder why do people try to stand out from the crowd by clothing? Is it because they are animal lovers and have seen this behaviour on Discovery, they liked it and considered it efficiently so they adopted it? It is so easy to ask questions but the harder part is to provide a good answer...or a answer at all!

My opinion is that fashion is not just about clothing, fashion is a state of mind! You can be a "good fashion victim" or a "bad fashion victim". A good fashion victim is interested in what is new (from clothing to technology) and what can make them evolve; a bad fashion victim is somebody that wants to be "in" but doesn't really understand the purpose of some...let's say items!

Example: good fashion victim-> buys a computer because it has a better processor(s) and increased virtual memory which will ease working with it;
: bad fashion victim-> buys a computer's pink!

When I make these statements I have real life examples which is quite sad for the world we are living in! What can I say more...stay smart!


F@!S@L !QB@L said...

What a Badgy Fashion!

Life Gadget

Garnet said...

That's a lot of buttons he'd need to loosen up :\ But wow, look at that scary eye makeup 0-0

Aaya said...

I guess cute as a button is out of the question...
Welcome and thanks for your comments you are the firsts to comment on my blog!

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Aaya said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed it!