Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pure Art...

There is no statement as wearing two different socks...or socks-boots!

Now this is what I call scary hair! Looks like it has a life of its own!

This model is wearing all the jewelry she could find backstage.

I read somewhere (I surf a lot and I'm not good at remembering names) that these excentric creations of fashion are not designed for people to wear (really?!) and they are just created for art fashion shows! I don't know about you but this art scares me! Just look at the pictures... Can you sense art? Can you feel art?...Arrrghh you profanes!

I made a statement that this art scares me and here is why: because in the name of this art people do the most outrageous things! Here is one example: one guy named Guillermo Vargas made an exhibition in which a stray dog was allegedly starved to death in the name of art! When I first read that I was like :Oh my God!Hell NO! But the fact stands for was something like : Hell YES! Because what that heartless man did was heard all over the world and I bet he is very proud of it! Another so called artist has put a bull's head in some kind of tank full with formol and called it ...guess what...ART! A funny example is the one of an artist who has won a contest with her piece of art: a bed full of weared clothes ,half eaten food and garbage! I remember the fact that such a magnificent piece of art was sold with a high amount of money ,something like 25 000 pounds!!!
In conclusion people can do crazy things for the art's sake but what bothers me the most is that those crazy things can hurt us and can make us lose the sense of humanity! And I start wondering...when did Mona Lisa's smile became out of fashion?!

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