Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project Runway

Today I saw an episode of this TV show and I really liked it! The fact that the participants have to design certain outfits and they have to respect a time line is a source for a lot of stress for the competitors! This photo has nothing to do with the show but it makes me wonder what the judges would think about it...If I were in the jury I'd say that the local fauna should be preserved not sewed on some dress!

What is this...recycle the bad taste?!

!This looks like a parrot and I hope that no parrots were hurt in the process of creating this outfit!
Oh least those feathers can be used at dusting by a housekeeper!

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Anonymous said...

the first one, i'm really scared of... it's nasty

the last one is the heary creature from MTV's commercial, this one:

and it's also parading!