Friday, July 17, 2009

Trashy tabloid regular!

When I first saw this I said...ihhh no way! Then I saw the article below where it was written: "The perma-tanned model attended a FASHION party at London's Studio Valbonne on Friday night wearing yet ANOTHER hideous outift.
I honestly didn't think anything could top last week's silver spandex catsuit - but this is right up there." And I thought...who the hell is this creature?

Well after researching on google I found out that she is a supermodel (with 5ft 2in tall how is this possible?!) and a tabloid constant appearance. Ooook! People love gossips, especially about celebrities, but hey that doesn't mean that you as a celebrity should go out butt naked to show the crowd how cool you are! And of course we know that your rich and famous bum cheeks don't give a damn about our insignificant opinions so we can throw dirt at them as long as we don't get bored and move on to "torture" another VIP!

And her face will give me nightmares for the next week! I have a tiny little question: is this how a supermodel face should be like?Because she reminds me of some hookers (no offence for the hookers) I once saw in a gangsta movie...just saying never mind my nightmares!

ps: If you are curios about this "lady" here is the source:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that's really grotesque and her body is like a bodybuilder's

so, please, we didn't wanna know so much...

all those tatues and her face, yeah, a hooker.