Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shoes my love

Ok I admitt, I am a hipster so I'm very interested in everything that's new on the fashion market but these sandals make me very suspicious about how my feets are going to fit in...I imagine my feets as bridges between the two separate parts and no offence but in nobody uses parts of my body to complete Matrix outfits!

This is what I call aggressive ,thorny fashion! They can be used as white weapons as a benefit ,apart from the cactus look alike! I wonder what man would have the courage to approach a woman who is proudly wearing a pair of these sexy shoes!

If you are still barefoot what's the point of wearing such...things? Oh I get it is... the privilege of walking on the tip of your toes with a wooden stick behind your calf!

Anyway check out they have a lot of interesting stuff there!

To my non-expert eye this is a combination between boring , ugly and weird but I am open to any others suggestions!

So people tell me what you think about it!


Anonymous said...

I think this work's for short man who needs to be taller because for example, a taller girlfriend, and as this doesn't look exactly like "heels" is kinda concealed, is almost like a wedge, so, with a sexy manly shoe this will be not concedered and nobody will exactly know what is under the shoe..
it's very futurist I'll say!


Anonymous said...

sorry, I said "work`s" it was "works" xD