Saturday, July 11, 2009

Be in or be nothing!

I remember the times when I was a little girl and wanted to be loved and accepted by everyone around me...and when then ,of course ,this did not happened I used to blame it on my appearance : "If I was as beautiful as X , if I had her clothes, her toys...". I grew up and realised that my old complex was quite silly but not as silly to be neglected. My image is important for others to perceive me and even for me to feel confident ,but this image does not do the job for me.
Why do we need others to like us? Because if they do like us we can have different benefits according to the situation, but if they don't like us...well that's a sad story! So how can you make the others like you? There are many ways to do it but the one that I want to discuss in this article is being in. In what?! Being fashionable, being trendy...on what planet do you live?
Ok so I want to be in. I take all my savings and first of all I buy...a fashion magazine! Hmm I need an adviser before I throw myself over the mall don't you think? And when I open it what do I see? Lots of pictures and pieces of advices ...and some pictures like the ones from this blog. But when I get to the store I realise that those recomandations from the magazine either can't be found ,either they can be found but they don't look like they do in the magazine, either don't fit me well or at all if they can be found.
And then I get mad. I am tired of searching for the glamour from these magazines. Because I can also see what can happen if you get it wrong. So I make fun of everything that hurts my eye like this picture. It makes me think at a teenage movie where freshmens are made to do ridiculous things to get in a brotherhood!

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