Monday, July 13, 2009

Fashion and Sex

You will probably say "that's commom, so?". And I will stare at the computer trying to remember what made me write this title. Ah I remembered! A scene in a movie where teenagers were given condoms at the English class based on the principle "if you must do it, just do it right!" and a student says he is not inloved so he doesn't needs them. And I wondered how many of his age are having sex because they are inloved not because everyone does it (so it is fashionable-peer pressure) or because they are drunk in a club (going "in da club" is in too) and so on. A century ago people had sex of course but they didn't have all that pressure from peers ,from media channels they had different reasons ,less superficial than the ones from our time.

I was involved in a campaign called "Step Up!" which was in fact a contest of projects for preventing spreading of the HIV virus and we were taught how to make a good campaign, how to choose our target population and how to measure results. Which project do you think it won? The one with the condom machine. Place one of these in each building of the campus and this is it! Mission accomplished! Have sex and no worries! In fact you can have as much sex as many quarters as you have in your pocket! So again have sex people, it's almoust free!

In conclusion if you want to be fashionable stick with the fashion ,live the moment but don't do anything stupid because others tell you to ,because after all if something goes wrong you will get stuck with the consequences and that's not trendy at all!

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