Wednesday, September 30, 2009

College life how to handle nasty roommates

I 've started to write for Associated Content in order to improve my writing skills. The following is a piece of my article ; the full article is of course on the Associated Content website!

If you are a student and have chosen to accommodate in the university's campus than you must be aware about the dorm essentials! After all a college dorm is a regular room inhabited by at least two individuals, with
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no special decorations, with no teethes to bite you! However a dorm room's only problem with you should be the roommates that's why your attitude is very important!

First's things first: you shouldn't aim to become friends with your roommates because the best cohabitant relationships are those which are based on tolerance not friendship! This statement is generally true even when you live in a flat share or house rent! Not being friends with your roommate simplifies things because when he or she does something that bothers you, you will be able to approach him or her in a more objective way in order to get them stop doing those things that bothers you!

An example of what happened to me when I've tried to be friends with my roommates is this: we were preparing to go out and I let them use my new mascara to see if it has any miraculous effect on the lashes[...] To be continued

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