Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hall of shame

I don't get it....excuse me but I really don't get it! How is it possible to be Geena Davis and Brook Shields , to have an army of style assistants and still to appear in public wearing something like that?!

Excuse me again maybe my mind is not that sharp and in fact these gals wanted to promote a new daring fashion style and I ,and several hundreds thousandths people, just didn't get the idea! Stupid us!

Do you know those movies like "Yes man" where the protagonist does the craziest things and everybody around them (how convenient) is so open minded and not only aproves our man but support him by doing the exact same thing? Well in this case somebody forgot to announce us that we act in this kind of movie!

Hey if I'm an actor where is my check?And my limo?And my...what?? I'm not an actor? Not even an anonymous one?Oh I'm only anonymous? Ok I'm fine with that...can I at least get the check?:d

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I still can't stop crying for Brook Shields "things" on her feet.

reminds me of golf balls, with those I so far from the real look?